Bancard Hutto Texas Review


My son received a gift card for Christmas. It was purchased from a grocery store chain in Denver on 12/09, mailed to Texas on 12/19, received on 12/23. The card was hacked on 12/20 for a purchase Travelocity for 137.99 using up most of the funds on the card. I called the number in the card to find out how to handle this. Originally I was told it would take two weeks to review a new card and to fax requested info and wait for an affidavit in the mail. When I called to verify receipt of fax it took 45 minutes on hold. They told me they were a third party so any complaints needed to be directed to US bank but the number I was provided just led me back to them. I was then informed it could take up to 45 days to get this resolved. The point is that a gift card should not be activated until it has been received. This is easy to do and a pin# can be set art that time. If the card is compromised the company should issue credit sooner than 45 days. When information is sent in the company should send courtesy updates. I order and pay for things online very often and I get many emails letting me know about the order and its status. Bancard should have service like this. Customer service should have shorter hold times and be somewhat compassionate for the customer. I honestly feel like they got their money so who cares about anything else. Bancard should take the risk and and not put out back on the customer. I would also like to add that other gift cards purchased by the grandparents were also hacked. So most of their grandchildren didn’t get the Christmas gifts they were sent.

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