BandVino Wine Spikes Reviews & Complaints


I allowed people to pay through Google checkout when purchasing from my online store. I made a sale, they paid through google checkout and I have had nothing but email after email from google with problems syncing with my store. I have contacted my hosting company, my store hosting company. I have gone through every step outlined by google to correct the issue and still I get 1-2 emails a day from them about this same issue. However, when I try to contact them about helping me resolve the issue they just re-send the same form letter they have been sending all along. No phone support, no email support, no live support, no support period when it comes to accepting money on your behalf. I have since removed them as a means to pay by, but it doesn’t stop the countless emails I still receive from them daily about this same issue. I would warn anyone from allowing google checkout to handle your money. I have spent countless hours on this issue and I can’t afford to have my income suspended by Google due to their lack of support. They need to re-vamp their best practices. I have completely quit using them and I do not trust them. I have 37 emails saying the same thing since the original sale date of 8/26/09. Yes, two months into a sale and their are still problems.

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