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We moved from West Palm Beach, Florida to San Antonio, Texas. All 3 of our dogs were under the Banfield ripoff wellness plans. My older dog got a laceration to his paw, and myself being an RN, called the Banfield at the Forum in San Antonio to get an appt. because he would not stop bleeding. I was told by the young girl that the plans could not be transferred, and that they could not see him! I ended up taking him to a nearby vet and paying for removal of his nail which was not cheap, as well as antibiotics. I paid over $400 that day! nI called corportate to complain, and was told by customer service that the employee made a mistake and should have never told us that, that the Wellness plans are transferrable from state to state, and that we should have been seen. So I told them I wanted out of the plans. We had used all the services with the other two dogs, but not my older guy, so they continued to take the $29.95 out of my checking acct each month. nSome months down the road, I changed bank accounts and forgot to notify Banfield. I am admitting to this. A year later, I recieve a letter from them stating that I am in collections for non-payment. I called the collections co. and told them this was the first I had heard from Banfield. I told them I had forgotten to notify Banfield of the bank change, but feel they should let me pay off the amount and remove me from collections, because they never sent me a bill. I called corporate and talked to the rudest, uneducated young woman I have ever talked to. She was very mean and short with me. I tried to tell her I never recieved a bill from them reminding me I had a balance and she kept telling me that Banfield doesn’t have to send a bill, that since I signed a contract, I was responsible for the payment; that as far as Banfield is concerned, it’s “validated””. She was very rude to me. I asked her to read the first time I contacted customer service and she said


I see the LONG note””

in a sarcastic manner. I asked her for copies of correspondence sent to me

and she told me “”they just sent it

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