Barbara Jones – Allentown, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Barbara Jones is a stalker who likes to chase married and taken men. Shes very sly. Pretends to be nice n caring all the while she’s after only one thing… YOUR MAN. she briefly dated my SO prior to us getting together getting married and having children. Been with SO for over 8 years and she is constantly private messaging him and his friends asking about him and promising him a life beyond his wildest dreams. That’s all a scam. Shes a pill popping junkie who will bring chaos into anyone’s lives that tries to get in her way or she feels threatened by. She claims to be a lawyer because she went to law school but she can’t pass her bar exam… She has had men arrested who would not date her. She has threatened wives of husbands that she wanted to be with. Her daddy lost his medical license for prescribing her benzo’s. He was a radiologist. She comes from a long line of mental illness and has multiple doctors prescribing her benzodiazepines and anti-psychotic meds. She will single handedly destroy people’s lives all because she is a fat disgusting druggie loser. If anyone happens to come in contact with her please run for your life. Save yourself before she destroys you as well. My SO still suffers the consequences of having her in his life for that brief period of time. She will manipulate you and then play the victim. She will tell the world how all she did was love n care and how everyone else was the problem. Thats it for now. Stay far away from this stalker.

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