Barbara Milner – Summerville, South Carolina South Carolina


This woman worked as a as needed receptionist at my husbands dental practice. I noticed large sums of money missing from our accounts when she worked for us. I assumed she was stealing. Upon digging for info, I found that she was not stealing…she was exchanging sexual favors with my husband for cash! Including pouring baby oil on her bare breasts at our dental office while I fetched our lunches!! Found that and other strange sex acts on between them and once invalving 2 other males. She has been married and divorced 3 possibly 4 times and met her last ex husband while he was married and rich as well. Photo above is the mug from one of her many alcohol related arrests. Did I mention that she is 60 years old? Disgusting!!! Lucky my prenuptial is violated so I get everything when I divorce the idiot but she already swindled him for at least $37k!! Watch your man around this old hoe specially if he is stupid and wealthy!!!

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