Barrister Magnus Nwagu Amudi


Barrister Magnus Nwagu Amudi Barrister Magnus Nwagu Amudi Big time thief wanted by Nigeria Police for Theft Nationwide!!. Barrister Magnus Nwagu Amudi is a big time thief. I went to India for treatment my money was running out so i called this man to sell my property in Lekki. He produced a fake valuation report of only N46,000,000 so i was shocked but I was desperate i need money for treatment so i said ok.So he paid in N41,400,000 into my account after taking 10% agency fee. I came back after four months so i went to meet the buyer he was renovating the house so i didn’t tell him i was the owner. I teased him and he showed me the receipt of purchase. I almost fainted. N116,000,000. I went to commissioner of police and i reported and they arrested him. He went and produced fake Lagos State tax receipt of of N60,000,000 and fake agency fee of N10,000,000. After bail this Magnus has vanished for the past six months. The police is looking for him. This man is the biggest thief. Any one who see him should report to the police.

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