Barry Feinman Barry’s Restore It All Products and Restoration Artechs San Diego California Review


Barry Feinman owner of multiple companies located at 2382 Camino Vida Roble suite #E Carlsbad, Ca 92011 to include Restoration Artechs (Service side of his company where chemicals and products are used in the field and in residential and commercial locations. Restore It Yourself Products and Barry’s Restore It All Products do not test their products for safety on cooking surfaces ovens, grills, and countertops etc. There is no 100% proven test ever done by Barry Feinman and his companies to make sure his products and chemicals are safe to use around children, pets, and for sure no tests done on how his products are safe around food. He omits information on his packaging to customers and does not warn them about possible toxic and dangerous results if swallowed or if it gets on the food they cook after using his products. Someone needs to stop him ASAP! He also claims that his magic solution to Scratch-B-Gone is his invention and that he has all these other products, but he buys chemicals from other companies and puts his name on them and he also bottles multiple products and uses the same ingredients and just renames the products and changes what the product does in his description. He has been dupping customers for years. Just because you add water to dilute a product does not make it a new product. Barry Feinman is running his company unlicensed, no sellers permit and no tax ID# also suspended and red-flagged by the IRS and Workers Comp and has started another company he could not get a Tax ID# for this reason all his staff are being paid cash to avoid the IRS radar. If I could give anyone advice about Barry Feinman I would say Run!!! Beware of this man and his companies, don’t get caught up in his unethical business practices and definitely never invest your money you will never see it again. A concerned citizen who feels someone needs to stand up and finally speak out!

2382 Camino Vida Roble # E Carlsbad, California United States


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