Purchased AX-50 hard case for handgun storage. Combo lock was impossible to set so I returned case still open. Notced the dial tumbler system was difficult to read and quite flimsy but decided to try again. Received second one and went through combo setting process successfully. I even tested it several times ok. Dial tumblers still barely readable and flimsy, but it worked so I thought I’d give it a try. Went use it for the first time and it wont open! Latch must have failed internally and now it locked for good. Will return this one too and done with Barska products. | I normally wouldn’t post such a notice but what we have here is a very poorly designed latch system that has no chance of ever working correctly. Barska markets itself well and presents itself as a quality company blah, blah, blah. The fact is they manufacture little or nothing and buy ths crap from China with their name on it. Apparently no one has validated the design or quality because if they did, products such as these would not be sold until they functioned correctly. This is NOT a case of a defective piece, its a case where the design is so poor, they ALL will fail. | I can only speak about the AX-50 case. Some of the other products on their website look equally as “nice” but who knows if there any hidden surprises with those too.

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