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Basic Power Industries Would not return defective HGE Exhaust Elbows (2) Harkers Island North Carolina!!. I purchased ( 2 ) two diesel engine exhaust elbows from ebasicpower. The elbows are manufactured by HGE Marine located in Vancouver , BC Canada , model number HGE 1289 . The elbows utilize an internal stainless steel sleeve to seperate exhaust gases and the exiting seawater coolant. The stainless steel sleeve was not pressed into the cast iron part correctly, and the flange lip seat was wavy. Causing seawater and exhaust gases to blow into the turbo charger. Bought two items, got two defective elbows ! Total run time ? Less than ONE minute !!! Purchased 5 months prior to being ready to put the boat in the water. Ebasicpower would not allow the two elbows to be returned for a refund. Why should I have to buy ” Junk ” that was made in China. Ebasicpower has been ignoring the manufacturers emails. There was a 2017 report filed, after I have read it. The report is very accurate. AVOID Basic Power Industries, and there online business ebasicpower. Customer service is not in there business model. Avoid purchases from this company !!!!!!!

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