Basin Subaru and Basin Mitsubishi


Basin Subaru and Basin Mitsubishi Sammy Hernandez, Pete Martinez Orchid Hill Auto Dealer Fraud Spot Delivery / Yo Yo Financing Midland Texas!!. Please inform yourself of the 10 most common types of dealership scams. I can assure you Basin Subaru / Mitsubishi will try and pull one, if not multiple, of the common scams on you during your buying experience. As you can read in previous reviews “Spot Delivery Scam” also called “yo-yo financing” and the sneaky “We lowered your payments! Come back and re-sign!” scams are their more commonly used. They go down the laundry list of dealer scams until they deceive you, so beware of them. You can say it’s their modus operandi. If you have been victim to one of these scams by Basin Subaru / Basin Mitsubishi please do as I have done and report them to the authorities, Texas Attorney General, BBB, and FTC. This is so egregious that it needs to be investigate as criminal offenses. Deceptive trade practices are the only thing being dealt at Basin Subaru / Basin Mitsubishi dealership. Consumer warning please do your homework! The “General Manager” is so arrogant and self absorbed he believes he, himself, can change state and federal law and do as he pleases with your money. You will quickly see right through him and know he is lying whenever his mouth is moving. He is the epitome of a sleazy car salesman. Trust me, if you do decide to experience this “dealership”, you will notice a dirty vibe while you are there.

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