Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery Review


I booked the appt with the PA since i had a used a popular discount online, couldn’t see the doctor. They told me i could have a dental block if i wanted one to help with the pain. The day of the appointment i went in and were told they dont do dental block. So reluctantly, i went ahead with the treatment. She put on numbing cream on my lips and i waited. She came back in and started to inject me. I could feel the needle each time and the restalyne going into my lip. She injected me around 10 times and it was quite painful. After she was done with my lips, one was still bleeding after she left. So i cleaned up.and I already noticed a large bruise forming on my bottom lip. I went home and put ice on my lips. My lips began to swell over the course of the day and it became painful. I had a hard time eating or drinking. So i went to bed. The next day my lips were still swollen and now i had 2 more bruises on my bottom lip. I tried to cover it with lipstick but the bruises still shows through. 48 hours later the swelling has mostly subsided, bruises are still there and sadly my lips have deflated. My lips look almost the same as i first went in to get the injections. I’m not happy. I called the office and complained and they have yet to call me back for a resolution. Next time i will save my money and not go back.

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