Baton Rouge Water Company Review


I called Baton Rouge water company to pay my monthly bill, as I have not received a bill in ages. I asked the lady what is my total amount water & sewer; she replied $194 I confirm my payment method and receive a confirmation #. Ten (10) minutes later I receive several calls from br water saying they reversed my payment and now I need to make a payment of $194+$80 because they just turned my water off & might I add there was no apology just a really bad attitude. I requested to speak to a supervisor she hung the phone up. I contacted the Public Service Commissioner, they called br water and listened to the call and clear as day the lady said $194 and I’d have a zero balance. The commissioner associate said she agreed that I should have paid $194 and no more . The assistant manager at br water didn’t want to remove the $80 so they tact it on to my next bill . I was not informed that my bill would be due on the 16th instead of the 23rd because of the reconnect fee that shouldn’t have been in the beginning. Needless to say they turned my water off again . I’m at my wits end with this company; this isn’t my first problem with them and sure it won’t be my last. My next step is to contact WAFB & the BBB something has to be done. They treat you like CRAP because they can ; there is no competition we NEED them Please I urge everyone with a problem with br water to complain and maybe the commissioner will start to HELP CONSUMERS


Name: Baton Rouge Water Company

Country: United States

State: Louisiana

City: Baton Rouge

Address: 8755 Goodwood Blvd

Phone: 225-952-7688


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