Bay and Bay Transportation Review


BAY AND BAY TRANSPORTATION – AN ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE COMPANY FOR DRIVERS ! …..unfortunately most of the reviews on the main Bay and Bay at page were posted by senior managers at Bay and Bay – They told me this themselves – none of these reviews come from real Bay and Bay drivers…..I am a real Bay and Bay driver – the following is WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON AT Bay and Bay: Bay and Bay goes thru drivers like water every week because they pay their drivers 25 cents per mile and drivers quit the minute they find out what’s really going on!!!……THEY DON’T TELL YOU THIS AT ORIENTATION ! EVERY MONDAY THEY HAVE A NEW ORIENTATION CLASS OF 12-20 NEW DRIVERS. I am the only one left at Bay and Bay from my orientation class of 12 drivers just 4 months ago! ……..I’m leaving this week ! ……. At orientation one of their manager-crooks will walk in on the 2nd day and tell you the following: “we here at Bay and Bay use a driver accounting system known as P3” – “P3′ is simply an excuse for them to pay their drivers 25 cents per mile instead of the rate they tell you you’ll get !!……they tell you in orientation that you’ll get 2,800 miles/ week at about 40 cents per mile…..WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU IS THAT THEY WILL NEVER GIVE YOU 2,800 MILES PER WEEK !! – AND THEREFORE YOU NEVER GET OUT OF P3 STATUS!! – what you get instead is 1,200 miles / week , 1,500 miles per week, 1800 miles per week, etc and THEY THEN TELL YOU “OH – YOU DIDN’T DRIVE 2,800 MILES THIS WEEK – SO WE HAVE TO PUT YOU INTO P3 STATUS ( P3 MEANS THEY NOW PAY YOU 25 CPM INSTEAD OF WHAT THEY TOLD YOU AT ORIENTATION !!). They do this to all their drivers and lease purchase contractors !! Bay and Bay is sham-company that ROBS DRIVERS EVERY SINGLE WEEK. This company is a thief. The CEO is Sam Anderson – FIND YOURSELF A LEGITIMATE COMPANY WHERE YOU’LL ACTUALLY MAKE MORE THAN $300 / WEEK. That is the real deal on Bay and Bay. Drivers should never waste their time with this company. Do not waste your money on this company ! Drivers beware. Caveat Emptor ! .

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