Baylee Conn – Pocatello, Idaho Nebraska


I flew my bf out to Nebraska to be with me and my 2 children in May of 2016. In July we became pregnant with our first child together, something both of us were ecstatic about. We started having problems because it being a small town people gossip, so we decided to move back to my home town in Idaho. Close to moving date I decided it wasn’t going to work out with us due to his lack of him not wanting people to know I was with him and he begged me to give him a chance to change, so I brought him. In Idaho 3 weeks and he left me for someone else, which didn’t work out due to his inability to stay faithful aka cheating with me, they broke up he came back. Since moving to Idaho in Dec of 2016 he became friends with this Bitch Baylee Conn. She even drove him back to my place with his stuff knowing where he was going. Him and I ended up getting a place together getting our home ready for the arrival of our baby girl. Not one fight, laughs and smiles Everyday. Happiest the both of us have ever been For 3 months, then we welcomed our bbg in March of 2017. This bitch Baylee Conn knew this being so called friends with him, but the whole time wanting to be more. 4 weeks after our bbg was born he kicked me and my 3 children out of our apartment so he could move her in. Watching us move out was hard on him and deep down I don’t think he wanted it, he cried, something I’ve never seen. 2 weeks later he asked me to come back, I did for 5 days until this woman dug her claws in him calling him Everyday crying I love you I need you blah blah blah. So again made me leave. Then again continued to cheat on her with me every time he saw his daughter. So she gave him a choice either her or his bbg and bbm, he finally chose her He misses her wants to see her but in order for that to happen she has to be present like a watch dog. I won’t let him have her on his own because I will not allow that home wrecking bitch to know my bbg. He himself said that he didn’t like that she had to be there to watch him the whole time, yet he’s still choosing this bitch over his own flesh and blood. She is the worst example of what a female should act when it comes to men, I def can’t have my bbg growing up with her as an example. She posted on his fb the other day that the first day she met him she was gonna do whatever it takes to get him, she had it planned the whole time. Home Wrecker…

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