Bayou Custom Love Spells


When i contacted this firm i had not looked at their reviews. Their money back guarantee got my attention. He called me and said he could help and needed $525 which was a discount rate (Black Friday Special so he said) he then said it would take up to 2 weeks and i could call back the next day for an update. | I did for days i heard everything is going nicely energies are being sent out and rec. back. Then after 6 or so days, he said after i told him how i was feeling that he had to do something else and it would cost me $600 more I told him no. | After we hit the 2 week mark i called him and he said he would do some mirror thing and i needed to buy the mirror and send it too him that was over $600.00 i said no, so at the 3 week mark i sent him a text and asked him to cure the issue as nothing has happend and i got no response, so i got with PayPal and did a charge back only to have him contact me and make threats that he would espose me and contact the ex and send her all my messages and phone calls. | I only asked him to put his words in writing of what he could do if anything to make his spells work. He wouldnt continued making threats. The fact is this person is a fraud and a fake, he lures on peoples depression to wealth is pockets. I told him flat out i can find another GF i did this as a last effort. | The main issue is all the names he goes by and says hes in New Orleans when hes in Texas using a Hawaii phone number. This website and individual needs to be shut down and stoped.

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