Bayside Bar And Grille, The Blue Lagoon eustis Florida


Complaint: My wife and 2 Kids went into this establishment to have the all you can eat shrimp on the menu. all four of us ordered it, when it came time for the refill on the shrimp each of the baskets came out with 4 shrimp and a container of sauce, the waitress was told right away to go ahead and reorder it again for everyone at the table, same thing happened the next time it arrived at the table 4 more per basket, only the last 2 orders were anything close to satisfactory for a reorder on the shrimp, keep in mind that it took an average of 15-20 min for each reorder to arrive at the table. Not once during the meal was there any napkins at the table and my water glass was not refilled but twice during the over 2 1/2 hrs we were there. They offered me a military discount because i am retired military. The bill came to $96.80 with the 15% gratuity already added to it; it was itemized so for the extremely poor service I chose not to pay it. The manager “marvel”” had a fit and called the police

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Address: I demanded to speak with the owner but was denied

Website: filed a complaint with the chamber of commerce and left Key West. I contacted the company via e-mail but got no response to try to resolve the issue. Apparently this how they do business there at The Blue Lagoon. I would say to anyone going to Key West to stay away from this place and any of the motel

Phone: the police arrived and I was so P.O.ed by the whole thing that I agreed to pay the 15% gratuity to make the whole thing just go away

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