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Bayside Imports Millenium Motors False charges on Used Car Sale Bayside New Jersey!!. I bought used 2018 BMW 328i Convertible from Bayside Imports on 9/1/14. The deal was for $35,750. However, at the time of payment, I was charged a total of $1757 extra in fraudulent charges for three unscrupulous items – A.T.P. charge of $581, Acquisition Fee of $595 and Theft Deterrant Insurance policy for $581. Dealer could not really explain clearly what was the A.T.P. charge is whereas Acquisition fee is generally charged in the case of leasing (not purchasing) esp for customers with bad credit. With my credit being excellent, this is just free money in dealer’s pocket. The last theft deterrant is totally bogus charge, one does not need it and is completely optional at the discretion of the customer. Bayside Imports originally charged me a whopping $2300 for that but I said I have never seen such a charge before when I bought vehicles and strongly resisted. He then lowered it to $581 by saying this is the minimum I have to pay in order for me to be able to finance the vehicle at 4.69% APR through Gateway One Lending & Finance company based in California. Despite excellent credit history, I was charged almost twice the interest rate but even then the fees worth of $1757 is totally fraudulent. Even their advertisement for this vehicle on was wrong. It claimed the car had “keyless entry” feature, something normally costs $500-750. However, during the test drive, I realized that the particular car I was buying lacked that feature. As a result, I asked for a price reduction by $500. Instead, after a lot of haggling they agreed for a $250 reduction. In the name of cleaning the car and readying it, they “disappeared” the car for a good 1.5 hours thus testing my patience. Basically the tactic being that you delay so much that customer finally gets tired and gives up negotiation. Both Sebastian (Sales Associates) and Ricky (Finance Mgr) are nice to talk but that’s where the dealership pulls out all the dirty tricks to sock for as many THOUSANDS of dollars they can get. I have now complained to FTC about this dealer. I am seriously considering filing court case to recover my money from this dealer. BEWARE CUSTOMERS AND VEHICLE BUYERS!!! – VinAm

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