Bazaar Frenzy, LLC Concession Trailers texas city Texas


Complaint: We gave Bazaar Frenzy $7000.00 as a down payment on a $14,000.00 purchase. As soon as they collected the money they would not return any phone messages. We had to send a detective over to their facility just to get them to call us back. It was one excuse after the next until finally he admited they already spent the money we gave them and did not have the money to built our trailer. I did some investigating and found out that the prior owner of bazaar frenzy was Ron Love. I found out through some ebayers that Ron Love sold a broken Cello to an ebayer and they sent the Cello back for a refund and they never got their money back. Ron Love then relisted the broken item as working and ripped off a second ebayer with the same item. I received Ron Loves contact information from this ripped off ebayer and it was the same cell phone number as Bryan Potter. Bryan Potter is the supposed sales rep for bazaar frenzy. Bryan Potters voice was on Bazaars web site and it was confirmed by this ripped off ebayer that the voice of Bryan Potter was without a doubt Ron Loves voice. It is obvious that Ron Love changed ownership of Bazaar Frenzy to Caroline Fitzgerald in order to clear Bazaars bad name. He then continued to run the company under the Alis of Bryan Potter. We are waiting the MO attourney General to get our money back, but it looks Bleak. David texas city, TexasU.S.A.

Tags: Catering

Address: 8314 Olive Blvd, Saint Louis, Missouri U.S.A.


Phone: 314-495-1100

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