BCS Property Management Review


BCS Rentals is the Ebay Sales name (was). Elite Destinations is the Original name for their scam. They posted a Timeshare listing on Ebay to which I won. I thought that it was cheaper than most and seemed like a good value. I have bought several others through the years through ebay with no issues. This is the 1st that I came across that are crooks. Seemed to be legit at first with necessary paperwork that anyone can find online. Then said that they had to wait for the first right of refusal from Marriott which can take a couple weeks. But after a month went by and nothing from them I asked what was going on. They had some excuse for why it got hung up. Then 2 months and they blamed it on the seller saying they are not sure why he is not releasing the week to them? At that point I told them that I wanted my full $7149 reimbursed back to me immediately. That was 3 months after the initial purchase. Then I saw nothing for a month and when I emailed Katie said they were processing it and a little backed up. Then another month went by and she told me it had beeen sent weeks before and that she would look into it. I had to reach back out to her a couple weeks later and she said it looked like they sent to the wrong address and that she would have it cancelled and resent. Another month goes by and she claimed exactly the same thing to the T. At this time I started getting nervous because I could see they were just trying to delay me to see if I go away? So I got really, really upset and sent a nasty email and Katie got back to me and said that they were sending it again and would put tracking on it and get me the info to track it. That was 5 weeks ago and I have heard nothing since. I have sent several emails without a response. So at this point I have more than determined that they are a Fraud, Scammers, crooks, good for nothing, Horrible people in Society and should be jailed and taken off the streets. It has been 1 year since the intitial purchase and I have been fighting it for 10 months. I am now going to Seek legal to go after them because I am not ok with individuals, companies taking advantage of people for their own gain. I will do all I can to punish them and teach them a lesson. What goes around will always come back around. | I bust my a*s for what I have and take it personally when people steal from me which is exactly what this is. Theft, I would like to see them try and come in my home and do this. My home is protected by Browning and Smith & Wesson | If this goes to them they can reference exactly who I am it is Buyers Contract 15-2010, Marriott Newport Coast Villa


Name: BCS Property Management

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Bryan

Address: 161 Earl Rudder Fwy

Phone: 979-260-7368

Website: www.bcspm.com/

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