Bea (Beatrice) Mejia – Bakersfield, California California


This Home Wrecker Bea (Beatrice) Mejia was introduced to her friends in laws. She ended up hooking up with her friends brother in law. He dumped her and then she moved onto the other brother but this was one who has been married for 20 years and has 5 kids, a new grand baby and a loving and loyal wife, but that didn’t stop this homewrecker. She clearly wants a baby daddy for her kid and she’s ruined lives just to get what she wants. So now this homewrecker is keeping him from his family and all to herself. She contacted him and pursued him behind everyone’s back, even the friends. After everyone found out, she still kept seeing him. She went to all family functions and pretended to be just a friend to him but really she was little by little getting him to leave his wife. She even kept him out until early hours in the morning while his kids and wife were at home with no food. He wants to work on his marriage but she poisons his mind and tells him to not be with her.

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