Beach Camera Review


This company( Beach Camera) is straght-up garbage. Trying presently to return a computer monitor. They have lied multiple times and said that they have emailed me a return label, twice with me on the phone, and said it could take a couple hours for them to FORWARD an email! I am pretty sure emails don’t take 2 hours to show up. conveniently, they would be closed in the next couple of hours. Pretty s***** that people who work for a company will sit there and lie to you over the phone knowing full well they are full of shiz. Going to tell them to F-off and re-sell the monitor on Craigslist, most likely for a loss. Thanks B**** Camera! Garabge.


Name: Beach Camera

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Edison

Address: 80 Carter Dr

Phone: 1 800-572-3224


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