Beaman Lincoln Mercury Brentwood Tennessee


Complaint: A brand new 1996 Mercury Marquis was purchased in January of 1996, full payment by check, no financing. The expensive subsequent maintenance and repairs that we have spent on this car have been outrageous! Not to mention my time, sitting in repair waiting rooms. At about 20,000 plus miles we were told we needed and paid for all new brake pads and roters, per the bill. But, during a check up, about 20,000 plus miles later, the dealership wanted to do the same things to the brakes, all over again. They also told me I needed new tires, front end alining, an oil/filter change (they said oil was dirty), as well as, another total brake job. I was also told that the transmission and coolant fluids needed to be flushed and changed. When in fact: the tires on the car were less than two months old and I had just had an oil/filter change and a complete flushing and replacement of all fluids-transmission-coolant and etc. I called my husband and politely declined anymore of their suggested service. I took my car to PepBoys where my husband met us and my husband and the mechanic at PepBoys used a calibrator to measure the roters, checked the tires and fluids. The fluids and tires were fine but the brakes had a problem, the back roters had about 10,000 plus miles left on them. (Mind you, I was to have all new roters from the last visit to Beaman). The two of them, my husband and the mechanic at PepBoys found, that two of the roters had never been changed and would have to be replaced with new ones, two others could be turned and would have 20-30,000 miles on them. It was obvious that I had been ripped off at Beaman Lincoln Mercury on the prior brake job. When Beaman put my car back together, after I declined any additional service- about two weeks after I was there- my heater suddenly gave out and the car kept misfiring. I subsequently took the car into Pep boys for this problem, too. Consequently, we had all the spark plugs, etc. replaced . When they were replacing these items, the mechanic at PepBoys found and showed me that “someone”” had placed a piece of plastic between the one of the original spark plugs and its contact. The piece of plastic had caused an electrical arc that had burned the insulation off the connecting wires. I had to replace all. I contacted both the General Manager and Service Manager at Beaman

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Address: as they were the only ones who had had the car

Website: they offered to reimbursem me

Phone: working under the hood for their “”check up””

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