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Complaint: Let me tell you a little bit about the mighty BEASLEY FIRM They Brag about the verdicts they have won. Jim Beasley talks about his pro bono work on the ira ienhorn case. Pro bono? No money to get anyway He Had a jury see to it that a convicted murderer didn’t make money via his crime. Ienhorn, lived high off the hog for over 23 years. Of course, any jury would hate him. A DYSLEXIC CHIMP could have won a judgement against him. One of his firm members, Sent not one but 2 arrogant letters to me. I sent an email in responce It wasn’t very nice. But SHE STARTED IT!! She made me aware of her opinion, So I made her aware of mine. Once. ONCE! Them Mr.Beasley threatened to have me charged with harrasment. ONE MEAN EMAIL IN RESPONCE TO 2 INSULTING LETTERS IS NOT HARRASMENT. I challenged this homley woman to WILLINGLY get in front of a jury against me. Closing this challenge with the words PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Jim Beasley claims this was a terroristc threat. It was nothng of the sort. Like most Lawyers.. They are very good at dishing it out. But will go running to the cops if they get it back. We had a word for guys like that when I was a kid It starts with a (P) Now on to Marsha, Brags about her verdicts. Using just the ones she brags of on the firms site. $82745000 her fee 40% no dought with all her school. $33098000 @ $500 per hr. (a fair rate for any lawyer) she could generate that much billing. @ 40 hrs. a week IT WOULD ONLY TAKE HER 32 YEARS This money is replaced by everybody’s insurance rates going up. This woman is a muti millionaire via the BLOOD PAIN HARDSHIP & suffering of others. She brags about a huge verdict against EINSTIEN HOSPITAL She claims the hospital let her cliant go untreated for 6 hours. Yet I was left untreated for 9 days. She did’t have a problem with this,But then again EIENSTINE DR.S don’t provide testimony for her firm and others JEFFERSON DR.S do. And yet I am to think that this dosn’t affect her opinion. YAH RITE! My piont being… There are many hard working lawyers in this city. If you have a good case a PHILADELPHIA JURY will see you get what your intitled too. No Matter what lawyer you use. Beasley School of Law? Via a $20000000 donation by Jim’s dad. Why not? He didn’t suffer to get it… others did Why not give it to Saint Jude? Shrieners? free cancer hospitals for kids. Donations are there only sorce of income That’s who needs it the most. But they are not going to name a school after you. are they. Once Again use a lawyer that needs to do well for you. Rather then rich braggers like Beasley RIP OFF REPORT PLEASE SEND THIS TO THEM PLEASE

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