Becca Truett – Janesville, Wisconsin Wisconsin


I shared dis awhile back but it never seemed to appear… so I’ll submitt again… My family and I attend the same church here in Glassport. My child was in the same youth group. You get to hear the rumors, she’s a pro at being a Home Wrecker and doing this since she was young so I looked her up on fb and I found her newest boy toy! Based on what I hear the oldest is actually this boys son, and she got pregnant while screwing aroind on hubby number one. Yet he loved and raised that child as his own while his wife was beeding up her skank level, she is, and still is! SLIPPY SLIPPY! SLIPPY! Than I goes and look this boy Daniel Smith up and he has 2 different accounts on fb. One says hes married, the other is more private… gets me to thinking! So I go an look him up on my Spokeo acct! Than a public records search through the state! WOW!!! Extensive record on this cuky boy!!! There is 10 years of inactivity on it but based what I saw it’s easy to see why… especially based on the latest activity!!! Isn’t hard to figure that one out if you know the cycle! Looks like his ol’lady got wise, or just sick of him and he snapped or something!!! I can’t believe she destroyed her family, put her self and kids in this kind of situation with this cucky cucky doosh boy!!! My wifey and I pray every day that she will see the light PRAISE JESUS!!! Rebecca Truett (aka Lofstrom, Amos) is on such a slippy slippy zlippy slope!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR THE INNOCENTS UNKNOWINGLY INVOLVED IN THEIR CUKY WEB OF LIES AND DECIET!! PLEASE JESUS!!! CLEANSE THIS WOMAN TO THE VERY DEPTH OF HER SOUL FOR THE SAKE OF HER FAMILY!!!

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