Beckie Jenkins – Palos Hills, Illinois Illinois


Beckie Jenkins will make you think that she’s this old fashioned romantic with a dark side and tattoos according to her facebook bio. In reality she’s more of a gold digging homewrecker with what appears to be multiple personalities. It doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend or husband it may not even be a relationship she is pursuing.. She will try to ruin it. She knew I had been dating my boyfriend of three years and she kept throwing herself at him anyways. Sending him nude pics and telling him she wanted to suck him. She even went as far as makingfake text messages and tried to claim they were him on dates that I know he was with me. She will come by your house your job or anywhere she may find you located and try to have her way with you. She gives it up on the first date and tells everyone her p**** Is the prettiest you have ever seen. She doesn’t stop there sexually she throws herself into her exam husbands relationship to fulfill her sick fantasy that her ex husband is coming back to her one day. She tells everyone his wife is obsessed with her. This girl will even tear apart your relationship even if it’s not your man she’s after just to get back at you because you wouldn’t let her use you. She will clear you out of house and home live off of you by moving in even when you told her she can’t. Stay away ladies and gentlemen unless you want your entire life flipped upsidown.

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