Bee’s Knees Craftsman Company Review


Originally purchased this service through Groupon, I have since been refunded. The original handyman came to clean windows, after three hours, they had not completed one room. I stopped the cleaning and instead asked them to come back to prime a bedroom. I had showed them two bedrooms, but decided to only prime one. The handyman was scheduled to come at 1pm, when they didn’t show up, my daughter called and was informed the handyman had overslept and he would be there ‘in a couple hours’. Finally he showed up at 2:50pm, ignored the note that was left for him on the counter and proceeded to prime both bedroom walls. The prime job was sub-par at best. He informed me that he typically ends his day at 3:30 and left not long after. Upon inspection of the bedroom, the handyman did not use a tarp or tape. He spilled a large quantity of primer on the carpeting and did not try to clean it up. | There is also paint splattered all over the baseboard. I emailed Bees Knees to complain and after not hearing back, I called to follow up. I was rudely informed that they were following up with the handyman to see what he had to say. I told them that the carpeting was destroyed and tried to suggest they would come to fix it, but I would never let this company back into my home. I said, they could reimburse for the cost of the carpet cleaning and the company said ‘they wouldn’t just pay for anyone to fix it’ and I could send them quotes. I have since been informed by carpet cleaners that it may be impossible to have the primer removed.


Name: Bee’s Knees Craftsman Company

Country: United States

State: Wisconsin

City: Lodi

Address: P.O. Box 54

Phone: 608-592-0628


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