Beeton Veterinary Clinic Reviews & Complaints


I have worked for this vet office and left for these following reasons: 1. Doctor is complete rip-off, lies about pets having fleas so he can sell you extra stuff for your pet…or will give your pet an antibiotic injection that last 10 days but then will send you home with antibiotics afterwards so he can get more money out of you… he does not tell you the injection lasts 10 days 2. During multiple surgeries the animal will not be completely under sedation and he will begin the surgery anyways, when myself or the other technician tell him he needs to stop and let the animal go completely under, he goes and gives another dose to make them go to sleep and then says “oh well if he doesn’t wake up it’s not my fault” 3. The office is disgusting, completely taken over by mice, he doesn’t care.

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