I met George Jay in early 2012. I had asked a few people about him, who knew of him, but no details. He was immediately defensive and told me a story about how he had dropped out of sight on a lot of clients a few years earlier and there were a lot of people who were spreading bad information about him. I should have seen a problem especially since he volunteered this information,without any insinuation from me. I met with George a few times, and openly discussed lots of scenarios with him. His professionalism was reasonable, so finally I completed his documentation and give him $720, which was reasonable to cover inspections and appraisals on the property in question. Once George received the money, he never answered any of my calls, nor emails. No messages were returned. No inspections were performed. No appraisals were performed. There was no denial of credit, nothing. He simply vanished. I am amazed that he still has a website, which appears to have been updated, so he is probably still in business. .

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