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Behavior Interactive Inc. Starbreeze Studios Dead by Daylight Ash Pannell Mathieu Côté Dave Richard BHVR Mod Broke their own ban procedure, lied and defamed my digital reputation by unjustly HWID banning my account without any evidence of wrongdoing Montreal Quebec!!. All e-mails and documented images/screenshots pre and or post infraction shall be attached to this report. I highly suggested you review them as you read this report as it will help you fully understand this case in its entirety. Also, each of the aforementioned names of individuals and companies is in some way or another associated with this case. I have three separate steam accounts which each purchased a copy of Dead by Daylight. Their account ID’s will not be listed here for privacy reasons unless privately requested and shall be henceforth referenced as accounts #1, #2, and #3. Account #1 was permanently game banned several months ago for modifying blood points, adding legacy skins, and also modifying achievements. Account #2 was unjustly HWID game banned for the same previous reason as #1 in addition to lag switching. Account #3 did nothing wrong but still had a permanent game ban applied to its account and steam reputation which will never go away, even though it violated no rules – for the simple reason of being associated with the same computer that account #2 was banned on. Account #3 should never have been banned in the first place for several reasons. It’s common knowledge within the DBDL community that you need to have exceeded 3 permanent bans on your device before the developers are allowed to place an HWID ban on your computer for ban evasion. I only had two accounts which cheated, meaning I would’ve had to have another two additional accounts cheat and get banned before an HWID would even be allowed to take place. Keep in mind, the data regarding how HWID bans are applied was quickly removed from both DBDL’s Official Game Wiki & Website shortly after I pointed this injustice out in a ban appeal email to BHVR. This is quite a sudden and extremely questionable action considering the circumstances and timing surrounding my appeal and that crucial data’s removal. Luckily, there’s still an unedited version of this which can be found on Reddit. Here’s an image of it: , but don’t take my word for it – let’s take a look at what an official Dead by Daylight community moderator has to say about it: . There’s also a multitude of instances where the developers themselves and other moderators have in fact stated this to be the case and can be easily found with a simple google search. Keep in mind, this is not the first time a stunt like this has been pulled. It’s becoming increasingly common for them to violate their own rules at the expenditure of their consumers. That said, account #2 should never have had an HWID ban placed onto it in the first place. As I said before, account #2’s unjust HWID ban affected account #3 which violated zero rules. This can be confirmed by an outside party known as Easy Anti-Cheat. This company provides Dead by Daylight with a tool that detects and bans cheaters. In my email chain with BHVR, I was told to contact EAC because they, Dead by Daylight, could not do anything further to assist my case regarding account #3 because it fell within EAC policy. Keep in mind, their statement (italicized) contradicts their last statement which you will soon read. So, I did just that. The following image is EAC’s reply referencing account #3’s un-just ban: . So, here I am – back to square one. I’ve now contacted EAC and been informed that there were, in fact, no cheat violations on account #3. So I can’t help but ask myself, how could it possibly fall within EAC Policy if EAC shows no violations from their end? And because I was never soft-banned, that can only mean one reason why #3 was banned: an unjust HWID ban placed on account #2 caused a clean account, #3, to be banned for nothing. After now understanding this, I relayed this information back to Dead by Daylight with this message: , to which I was immediately met with: . Interestingly enough, I got that reply within four minutes after my previous message. So how he could’ve contacted and accurately explained my increasingly large case to the entire mod team and carefully ‘re-checked’ the details surrounding my case like he claimed he did is certainly a blatant lie. At this point it became apparently clear to me I’d just been intentionally placed on the back burner and forgotten about by the moderation team which assumed I’d simply lay down quietly. But this is not the case. This type of consumer abuse and negligent behavior cannot be tolerated at all, no less by companies which brand themselves ‘professional’ when they are anything but and unwilling to provide assistance or look past the surface of an issue – as is shown throughout our conversation. This is also apparent with their quick removal of critical website information regarding HWID bans as soon as I bring it up during an appeal. I was also told they have evidence of my ban reason for account #3, but that cannot be true. As stated above, I contacted EAC regarding this case and was informed there are absolutely no violations from their end, especially none of which that warrant a permanent ban. Moreover, the only logical explanation at this point is that they’re either lying to their consumers to keep falsely applied bans in place or are viewing reports with skewed data. Either way, after being abused for more than a week now, without access to a game I purchased and was unjustly banned for, to which I can no longer play and instead have a permanently slandered reputation, I have no choice but to escalate this matter higher until it is appropriately resolved. Their apparent dishonesty and irresponsible behavior cannot, and shall not be taken lightly. Also, I have additional records to further back up my position as necessary. My case is just one of many. Each day more and more people are affected by the thoughtless and neglectful actions by a supposedly ‘professional’ company and its development team. There are people all over Reddit, Twitch, YouTube and other platforms who are also being banned for reasons which don’t make sense, without any evidence provided at all (Just like my case), only to be promptly rejected by BHVR and its employees associated with the process. Last time I checked these types of actions are the cornerstones of scamming. Taking people’s money, only for them to violate zero rules and have their access taken away. Not to mention the permanent and illicit defamation of their online reputation for offenses they did not commit in the first place- all without providing reason or evidence.

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