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Bell Ford of AZ I won an eBay Motors auction and Bell Ford in AZ refuses to honor the price, Internet!!. I am writing you in regards to an eBay auction listed by Bell Ford of AZ for a 2007 Dodge Magnum (Vin #2D4FV47T27H681161, eBay item #110907328484). Bell Ford had this vehicle listed as a no reserve auction, and I won the auction on eBay. Unfortunately, members of your staff at Bell Ford are refusing to honor the auction and sell me the vehicle for the price and details as outlined in the eBay auction. A few details regarding my transaction with Bell Ford: -I contacted Bell Ford at (888) 479-1724 at 14:42 Eastern Time (approximately one hour prior to the end of the auction). During that call, I asked the sales associate I was contacted with to verify a few details about the vehicle (like dealer charges, taxes, tread depth, function of the AC, and that it was in fact a no reserve auction). The sales associate I talked to took my contact info and said he would call me back. -I received a call back from Mark Bernard (who called me from 602-464-7221) at 15:06 Eastern time (approximately 30 minutes prior to the end of the auction). In that call Mark informed me the tires on thefront were new, tires on the rear had about 75% tread life, the AC worked correctly, the $399 dealer charge, the 2% Phoenix city tax, and that it was in fact a no reserve auction. -At Jul 06, 201212:39:29 PDT, I won the auction with a winning bid of $6500. I contacted Bell Ford sales department via the eBay email system to request documentation (copy of the title, final bill) to move forward with the auction. -I received a call from Mark Bernard (calling me from 480-440-5841 at 14:21 Eastern time) to let me know Bell Ford would not be honoring the auction, but would be happy to sell me the vehicle for $9995. I informed him that was not acceptable, and I would be interested in moving forward with the purchase at the $6500 price agreed upon in the auction. -I contacted eBay motors, and spoke with Rich C. (call details 1-3-920724108). Per that call, the eBay auction was accurate, was listed as no reserve, and I was the winner of the auction. Per Rich C. in that call, in the agreement of that auction, Bell Ford had agreed to sell me the vehicle for $6500. -To keep this accurately documented, I requested the final bill and information again through the eBay email system. I received a short response of we will call you to that request. -I call Mark Bernard again (at the 480-440-5841 number he gave me). A Mr. Teen Dierks answered the phone, and informed me the dealer would not be selling me the car for less than $9995. I again reminded them of the agreement to sell me the vehicle for $6500 per the eBay auction. Mr. Dierks said that would not be possible. I then request this in writing from Mr. Dierks. Mr. Dierks would not agree to provide me anything in writing. -I again requested through the eBay system a final invoice, or a written statement as to why Bell Ford would not honor the auction they listed. I am, to say the least, disappointed in the Bell Ford sales staff deceptive listing on eBay. It appears this was an attempt to get me interested in a vehicle, only to raise the price once I moved to complete the transaction. This type of deceptive practice does not reflect well on the dealership. I did the due diligence to contact the dealer prior to bidding to make sure we were on the same page. I took the time to ask all the relevant questions about dealer charges and the no reserve listing details. The fact that no one at the organization will provide in writing a reason as to why they are refusing to honor the price also reflects poorly on Bell Ford.

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