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bellamy Apartments has a scam with Mosley towing company to tow your car when you pay for the parking and it is a gated community. Then they claim the parking spaces are reserved even though they are not marked reserve louisville Kentucky!!. My daughter rents an apartment in the Bellamy Apartments in LouisvilleKentucky because they are close to the UofL campus where she is a freshman in college. The lease clearly states that parking is included with the apartment. She pays 535.00 a month for the apartment and shares it with three other students. They share the kitchen and living space and each student pays 535 per month for a total of 2140 per month rent. The apartment complex has an electronic gate that requires a card to enter into the complex. At midnight Friday night/ Saturday morning my daughteru2019s car was towed. When we called The Bellamy Apartments they stated they have a contract with Mosley towing company (who obviously has access through the electronic gate) even in the middle of the night. After Mosleyu2019s towing company towed my daughters car at midnight Friday they just happened to be closed on Sat, Sun and Monday (Memorial Day) and did not open until Tuesday (image that). Once she got in touch with the towing company on Tuesday they stated that the car was in a reserved parking spot inside the complex (BTW the spot was not marked nor was there a sign anywhere near the parking space) they stated that the cost for my daughter to get her car out was $115.00 to tow her car (8miles) and another $20 dollars per day (EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE CLOSED) for a total of $175.00. After investigating this issue further there seems to be a lot of towing going on and a lot of reserved parking spaces not marked. So I asked other students and they also pay extra on their rent for parking and their cars have also been towed at least once. When the apartment manager was contacted she was unavailable to speak about this issue. I think it is a crime for the Bellamy apartment complex to charge these students parking and then do not give them a designated spot to park their cars and then has the nerve to have their cars towed under the false claim they were in a reserved parking space that is not properly marked. At the time I am writing this complaint my daughter called and her best friendu2019s car who also rents an apartment at the Bellamy Apartments was just towed. She also pays for a parking. Someone needs to help these students that are trying hard to pay for college and rent and they end up without a car and with a huge towing bill. This is obviously a scam.

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