Belmont Brokerage and Management Fresno California Review


To property owners: This management company does not maintain the building I live in. Any issues I have had has been met with disbelief, second party verification before anything would be done and the general feeling that THEY are being inconvenienced by reporting maintainence issues. It took 3 months of calling to get someone to fix my sliding glass door. The “manager”” had to call another tenant to ask if my sliding glass door had the problem I reported. The same thing happened less than a week after moving in. An outlet blew

I called and the “”manager”” sarcastically asked how I knew it was blown and what I did to it to cause it to blow. I plugged in a 20 watt accent lamp and it caught fire. The final straw is the stairs falling down outside of my door. We have had 3 concrete slabs of steps FALL DOWN with PEOPLE ON THEM. So far

no injuries. 2 slabs were replaced a month ago and the rest of them have huge ditches of missing concrete. Another tenant called HOURS before the last one broke and warned of the impending dangers. This is a multi million dollar property a block from the beach. It’s falling down around us and is a law suit waiting to happen. I would suggest finding another property management company if you’re looking at these guys. In sales we have a saying

“”kill the monster while it’s a baby””. That translates to fix the problem before it gets bigger. The issues this building has can be fixed easily yet cutting corners is the way this management company does things. It’s going to cost the owners of this building more money than it needs to. To Renters: If you do not want to be treated like 2nd class citizens

do not rent a property managed by this company. Most of the properties they manage are section 8 and they treat everyone that rents from them like criminals. Their process to get an apartment will damned near kill you IF you have a job and anything else to do with your life but jump through hoops for these people. I own rental property as well and I know the importance of keeping a renter in and happy. This management company does not understand something very basic… the owner AND the renter are their customers. This is just terrible customer service on both ends.”

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