Belmont Senior Care Review


Was being sexualy harassed in the work place had threatning calls at 2am from one of the workers that was also working . I was told to call the on-call and inform them I called and she told me there was nothing she could do the company did not need the publicity. I ended up resigning , they told me the ceo was on vacation but I need to sign papers when she came back on Tuesday the 22nd. Sometimes we had early paychecks this was one of the times the early check would be available on Monday the 21st I called they said I could not pick it up I would have to wait until the scheduled day on Wednesday the 23rd i said that was fine i understand. Tuesday came the ceo never called to do any paper work or to even find out what’s going on . Wednesday the 23rd I called to see if I can pick up my check I was out of town at the time but would be back that night the book keeper told me she would wait until 5pm for me I was on my way back 15 minutes away from the company it was 4:17 pmI called to talk to the book keeper to let her know I was on my way. The lady that answered was very rude and told me everybody left and you can not have your check until after the weekend and told me it was my fault I should’ve been there earlier. This company is very rude and the fact that I was harrassed in the work place and nobody wanted to do anything about it says a lot about there neglegent company I just want my paycheck and Want them out of my life ..!


Name: Belmont Senior Care

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Pueblo

Address: 3 Douglas Ct

Phone: 719-544-3999


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