Ben Bay and the Better Business Bureau Brooklyn New York Review


I choose Ben Bay Realty to sell my home, made contact with Agent Nellie Ieva, who later callEd me a Black B***h. i enlisted their service in March 2013, around early May my agent who assure me that she would get me a sale of my property as it was start being Nasty toward me when I called her. After a couple times, I asked for my listing to be unconditional release and was told that I had to pay a fee of $10000.00 for advertising fees,so I asked to see an itemized copy of all the advertising associated with my property as that was the initial problem that I wanted to discuss with my agent before she became nasty towards me. I asked her back for my keys which was went she escorted me out of the office and called me a “BLACK B***H””. I spoke to the Broker

Salvadore Girgenti

who said he would get back to me and has not

it has been a month since I asked to be released without conditions. The Broker has been playing Hide And Seek. I can not get him on the phone

in the office or email. My house is in LIMBO

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