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Ben Rattray Took money from us but didnít speak at our event

We Got Scammed By Rattray!

Ben Rattray is the founder and CEO of He is a prominent personality among entrepreneurs and our company wanted him to speak at one of our events. However, it was a huge mistake because Ben Rattray isnít the man he claims to be. We contacted him through a firm which connects speakers with event organizers and discussed the details of our event. Ben took a very high fee for speaking at our event but we didnít mind it much because we understand the value of a personís time. However, it seems like Ben doesnít know how valuable other peopleís time is because when we contacted him to discuss the arrangements we had to wait for 3 hours to connect. 

Still, that wasnít the main problem. We were glad that someone like Ben Rattray was going to speak at our corporate event. His team had confirmed that Ben would come to our event but when the day came and we didnít hear anything from them, we got worried. Ben shouldíve arrived at least a day before but we hadnít got any updates in this regard. We tried calling Ben but we had already experienced what that was like. We didnít get any response from the call just as we had expected. 

Ben Rattray is Lazy & Narcissistic

So we contacted his team but they didnít respond either. We thought they would contact us later so we got busy arranging for our event. However, when the time of the event got close, we tried calling Ben and his team. Again, it was of no avail because they wouldnít respond. It was frustrating and humiliating to go through that nonsense. We had already paid Ben, so it couldnít have been that issue. 

We had to have the event without a keynote speaker. All the arrangements were according to Benís arrival so our event was practically ruined. Benís company responded a week later but not with an apology, they just claimed that Ben was busy and couldnít make it to the event. It was very disappointing to get such a response from a person as prominent as Ben. We requested a refund of some sort. After all, we had paid Ben to speak at our event and he hadnít done so. Clearly, we deserved a refund. As Iíve mentioned already, Ben had taken a very high fee too. 

Ben Rattray Conclusion

However, when we asked about the refund, Benís team did the same thing they had done at the time of our event. They started avoiding us. His team didnít respond to our emails, didnít answer our calls, and it became obvious to us that they didnít want to issue us a refund. We have stopped pursuing our refund request a week ago out of respect for the work Ben has done. However, we also would like to point out that Ben Rattrayís team has stolen from us. They took money from us under an agreement and failed to follow-through. We would strongly advise others not to hire Ben to speak at their events because he might steal from you. 

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