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If your company selects Benefit Wallet — run away! Seriously, this company is as close to a scam ripoff as a "legitimate company" can get. I left my previous employer 2 months ago, and am STILL trying to get my money back from them. They would not honor the transfer request my new HSA provider sent to them, nor would they allow me to initiate a transfer without paying a huge transfer fee. The rep I spoke with tole me the only way to get my money without paying a fee was to request a check, then call back once I had the check to close the account. OK, extra hoops but no problem — or so I thought! I requested a check for the final account balance. By the time Benefit Wallet got around to actually writing and sending the check to me, they had decided to take out a $3.25 service fee — which they did not tell me about! Then, to add insult to injury, they refused to honor the check THAT THEY WROTE, and charged me another $25 "insufficient funds" fee! When I called to complain, they claimed that they had "listened to customer service recordings" and started making up stuff that was not discussed. They even claimed that the rep I spoke to had not given me the final amount of my account (so strange, since I managed to write in my notes of the conversation both the rep’s name and the total balance she told me to request the check for!). I suggested we listen to the recordings together, to which they replied "those recordings are for internal use only." Now I am still stuck trying to figure out how to actually get my money out and get the account closed. That and trying to get my $25 back. In the meantime, I have been charged yet another service fee. Service my arse. Benefit Wallet has designed and is following policies that have been designed for a single purpose — to rip people off and keep them from actually moving their money to another HSA. They have found loopholes in the law, and are exploiting those loopholes to full extent so they can skim off money that is supposed to be for people to pay our medical bills. Shame on Benefit Wallet — and shame on any company who knowingly selects Benefit Wallet as the HSA provider. This company should be shut down, period.

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