Bennet Bray – Caldwell, Idaho Idaho


You lieing SOB!! We met at Sonic at happy hour months ago and you told me since you got a deal on the drink you could afford me. We laughed and I thot I liked you and we kept meeting up until you asked me to come over and we smoked a lot and then you put $40 on the kitchen table asked what that would make me do. I was surprised because the way the house looks and all the decor told me a woman lives there… you said you weren’t married she was just a woman who pays for you and your kids and were not married. You made me sorry that she is not as fun with you and wont suck your d(**. You told me I looked as hot as your crazy ex Christy. You got creeper as you described her and how your older daughter was sexy as her but we went to the bedroom and there were toys and sh*t everywhere but I managed to make you c*m. Them we.smoke.and you tell me how she will be put of town and I could come over but when I asked for 40 bucks you fu***n lied to my.face that you lost it. You threatened me not to tell because Vangie (as you called her cause she smells apparently) owns the house and will kick you out but you ignored my texts and wont give me my money for sucking and let you hit me in my a$$. Found you on FB and letting your dirty laundry air Karma’s a beach benny boo should have just paid me!!

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