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Complaint: Bentonville Sheriffu2019s Department as well as many police groups need a good HOUSE CLEANING! Police/sheriff/state are here to serve as well as protect, not to abuse as so many of our police do today. I suggest many that read this information as to my first arrest ever in my life. Listen to this broadcast from a sheriff. Then on Saturday at 1:30PM listen to what the new updates are. I am afraid that a lot of sworn officers have forgot what they have sworn to. In fact many police donu2019t even know what the Constitution stands for. Many never have even read it. If they did then they would not be abusing their powers as they do. After all if they read the Constitution then there would be no police abuse. The oath of all police officers take the oath to up hold the Constitution. Did you citizens know that if the police do not have the right to take your home or even your car when pulled over. Why do they do this? To increase their incomes to run their departments. All monies collected on tickets is tax revenue and just stealing from you. What I did was just offend this bad eleven veteran for the Bentonville Sheriffu2019s office in refusing to answer questions. This cop is a bad cop, and had no right to arrest me on my own property. Those of you feel he had every right to do so, because of my attitude are going to be in for a real shock one day. Because if you continue to allow dishonest cops to do things which are also against the law. I expect an apology as well a complete erase of my file with this corrupt sheriffu2019s department, and if it is not done so with then a certain amount of time then I will bring a suite against the department. After all itu2019s the training of this officer that has no understanding of the law. He abuses his powers, as well as knows he is doing it. Problem is this time he has run into someone that fights these corrupt cops. After listening to the above then watch the videos below again. Then think about what your rights are and put yourself in my place. Would you like what this officer did? Oh, I have one bonding agent that writes a lot of stupid stuff because I am so rude and should go to jail and even prison. But, that is another story. As I stated I never attack people until they have did something really wrong. Abuse of power is even worst than this bonds person. Even she understands she is wrong and if not then we will be at war in the future. I never take a fight unless I am right. Are you ready to have police officers take your cars and homes and even children away? Well, if you donu2019t get these bad cops trained correctly and to know that they are hired to protect our rights, not take or abuse them. Do you even know what your rights are? Then look them up as a free man/woman and youu2019ll be surprised as to what you have given up. Smile for the camera The shades of Benton County REMEMBER WHEN sunglasses protected you only from the sunu2019u2019s glare? These days they can protect a citizen in other ways. Consider the case of officer Dana Winn, the Benton County deputy who found himself a star on YouTube the other day after arresting a man with whom heu2019u2019d argued a short time before. Result: The sheriff is now investigating his deputyu2019u2019s conduct to determine whether Deputy Winn stayed within professional bounds in his exchange with a man who was secretly taping their confrontation on a video camera built into his sunglasses. From what can be seen on the video, an investigation would seem fully justified. The flap began when Deputy Winn, in search of a fugitive, confronted John Lewis, who was seated in a chair in his front yard. The officer asked Mr. Lewis if he knew the whereabouts of the wanted man, who once lived at that address. In a response recorded by the hidden camera, Mr. Lewis says he doesnu2019u2019t know where the suspect is, adding, “””Thatu2019u2019s the end of it. Iu2019u2019m not answering any more questions.”””” On the tape

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Address: Deputy Winn seems to grow increasingly agitated as he continues to ask about the fugitive and about Mr. Lewis himself. All too soon the officer starts to chide Mr. Lewis for not addressing him by his proper title. The deputy then walks Mr. Lewis to his patrol car

Website: a misdemeanor. Now he wants the charges dropped. The video recorded by Mr. Lewisu2019u2019 cinematic shades raises a relevant question: Just which man was acting improperly? Laurent Sacharoff

Phone: where he arrests and cuffs him. Then itu2019u2019s off to the county jail. Mr. Lewis was released

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