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Hello. I have been robbed by a company by the business name Berg International Pakistan. I orderded shirts from him. After receiving a performa invoice by this thief he sent me a bill of $2,371.10. Excited I went to western Union and paid the money. We conversed during the time of him supposingly producing my product. He missed the deadline that was promised in the performa invoice . From then on nothing but lies. I asked for my money back and he emailed me back stating money can’t be sent from Pakistan. He will not return my money and he has not delivered the product . He has also made the comment in my last email that he would just keep me in tied up in court. I will continue to expose this dirty lying dishonest thief until justice prevails. Please help me in my venture to expose him to other innocent consumers so that they are not scammed by this dirty rat. I have reported him to the local authorities as well as the F B i. Any other information is welcomed. Thanks .

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