Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals – Avlimil Glenview Illinois Review


I called Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals for a free 30 day sample of Avlimil. I was talked into a 6 month supply for $100.00 at a savings of $50.00. I was assured that I would get my 30 day free sample along with the 6 months supply and if I was not satisified at anytime, I would get a full refund. nI received only a 6 month supply, with no packing slip for a possible future refund. This red flag prompted me to call them. I was told there was no refund if I was not satisfied. These people are liars and theives. nMy credit card company assured me that this will be contested. This is not the end of it. I have other sources yet to contact, and this practice of theirs will be stopped! nVictorianGlenview, IllinoisU.S.A. Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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