Berkley Pharmacuticals gilroy California Review


I responded to the “free sample”” from a TV ad for Avlimil. It turned out that -after they took my credit card number- there was a shipping charge of $4.95. I was also subsequently unknowingly “”signed up”” for future automatic shipments at a cost of 70.00 per shipment (appx. 1 month supply). The product is a hoax in my opinion. It was charged to my credit card even though I returned the product. I reported them to Bank of America who told me I had authorized them to use my card. I never knowingly gave them authorization. I disputed the charge. nI was sent 1 more shipment over the next 2 months but charged for 2. Same scenario. I disputed the charges. It took several months to finally get a credit. In the mean time- Berkley Pharmacuticles had free use of my $210.00 at no interest to them. They are running ads for similar products for several other conditions and all products are OTC. I called the company and they told me I had to stay on the product for 12 months before the would engage their “”Guaranteed Refund””. They also told me if I returned the product before that time

I would not receive a refund. Berkley Labs AKA Berkley Pharmacuticals caused me HOURS of work to get this problem corrected. nLaurangilroy


Po Box 42635, Cincinati, Oh, 45248 Nationwide U.S.A.


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