Bertha Curiel – Glendale, California California


Bertha knew all about me but that didn’t stop her from being with my husband. I confronted her back in 2014, she admitted being with me husband for almost a year. She also admitted knowing about me the whole time. She continued to see him after the fact. My husband and I have tried to move past this and continue to work towards our relationship. He has told her numerous times to leave me/us alone but she continues to post old pictures of them on social media. I became pregnant in 2015, she found out through social media. Bertha would post pictures of herself pregnant and even went as far as posting an ultrasound picture. we had our baby in May of this year. The day we got home from the hospital with our newborn there she was knocking on my door. Demanding why my husband hadn’t answered any of her phone calls or had gone to work. It’s been 2 years and she is still trying to ruin our marriage and pretends ahead is still holding a relationship with him. They both have mutual friends and she makes them believe they are still together. This girl has serious issues she keeps checking my social media’s profiles and copies every single post and picture I take.

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