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Best Buy Auto Sales Mark Buckmiller RECONSIDER PURCHASE: BUYER BEWARE Syracuse New York!!. The following is a portion of several correspondences between Best Buy Auto Sales management and myself. To date, I have had so satisfaction, nor reparation. Attn: Mark Buckmiller: General Manager, Best Buy Auto Sales, N.Syracuse, Waterloo, Newark, NY Mr. Buckmiller, You had requested the invoices for the replacement fuel tank for my Ford Explorer, as well as for the repair of such that was done by Quality Auto Care of Cazenovia Inc. I believe you received each invoice requested. You assured me that recompense of said repair would be forthcoming. As well as rectifying the aforementioned issues, you, Mr. Buckmiller, requested I bring my vehicle in to Best Buy Auto Sales, N.Syracuse, to have the problematic rear differential case leak repaired. You assured me that it would be covered by the extended warranty I purchased when I purchased this pre-owned vehicle from your dealership in N. Syracuse, NY. After stating all future communication be in writing, I received a phone call from Luther is the Service Department in your N.Syracuse, NY dealership informing me that the replacement fuel tank, as well as repair of such will not be covered by your establishment. He stated I should have brought the vehicle to the N.Syracuse dealership for repair. Obviously, I brought my vehicle to the nearest repair shop due to the safety issues associated with driving a vehicle with a leaking fuel tank. During the less than six months I have had the vehicle, I have contacted your dealership three times concerning necessary repairs; oil leak under engine, rear differential case leak, and gas tank leak. The sole repair I have received from your dealership was the initial oil leak under the engine.Your dealership refused repair in August of the rear differential case leak. Presently, your dealership (via your salesperson, James, who sold the vehicle to me) has again denied repair to the vehicle, specifically the gas tank leak. As any gas tank leak is a major safety hazard, and your dealership denied repair, I brought the vehicle to my mechanic. He discovered the leak was substantial to the point of engulfing the top of the gas tank. The top of the gas tank has rotted away. As I have had the vehicle in my possession less than six months, six “good weather” months, and given the fact that the vehicle has been driven “under normal use”, your dealership sold this vehicle to me in this extremely dangerous state. The colossal failure of the top of the gas tank did not occur in the six months I have had the vehicle. This vehicle was sold to me in said condition. Any vehicle with a rotted gas tank does not constitute a vehicle that can deliver “satisfactory and adequate service at the time of delivery”, or henceforth, and yet, your dealership inspected, moreover, placed a valid, passing NY safety inspection sticker on said vehicle. Furthermore, I purchased an extended warranty through your dealership. I was told by your salesperson, James, that in order to receive financing I was required to purchase an extended warranty. I left the dealership without the warranty paperwork. I expected to receive the warranty paperwork via postal service. I never received the hard copy of said warranty. Upon pursuing several times, I finally received via email, a copy of the warranty four months after purchase of said vehicle. Having recently relocated from MA, it is my hope that not all NY businesses deal with senior citizens in such a fashion. The thought that I was allowing my grandchildren to ride in this unsafe, leaking gas vehicle is nauseating. Your dealership has three business days to remedy, moreover make arrangements for such. All future correspondence must be in writing.

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