Best Buy Bradford Massachusetts Review


I purchased a $180 phone from Best Buy in October as a Christmas gift for my wife. When she opened the box, we realized that the base for this cordless phone was actually the cheaper model and not the one that I paid for. nI brought the phone back and they intially told me that I missed the holiday return window because I purchased the phone too far in advance and they would not give me the correct base for the phone. I asked if I would have received the correct base if I had been within their “window”” and they replied

“”No””. nI asked to speak to the customer support manager and he told me that Best Buy was not responsible for the phone that I purchased from them and they would not give me the correct base nor would they refund the money. They suggested I contact the manufacturer of the phone and get it from them. I told the guy that this was rediculous! I bought the phone from Best Buy and they ARE responsible for giving me what I paid for. nI’m going to be interviewed by a local Boston news program next week to expose these frauds. I would urge all of you to contact your local media outlets and get the word out. nJohnnBradford


290 South Broadway Salem, NH, New Hampshire U.S.A.


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