Best Buy Company, Inc. Tulsa OK Review


Best Buy overcharged customers with Tax Cut State 2001 Software nI bought TaxCut Deluxe 2001, TaxCut State 2001, and MS Money 2002 at local Best Buy store on 02/18/02. I paid $19.99 plus tax for the Tax Cut State 2001. I got $19.99 Rebate coupon form from the Best Buy store and mailed the form in. Few months later, I got a rebate check from H&R Block but it was only for $19.95. nBest Buy overcharged us 4 cents more than the MSRP. They falsely Advertised “TaxCut State FREE after Mail-in rebate

Price of TaxCut Deluxe + $19.99 TaxCut State – $19.99 Bundle Rebate = Free TaxCut State (Sales tax not included)”” for many months everywhere (I thought it was only my local home town store

but when I checked online it had same price at there

I believe everyone who bought from BB paid extra). Well it is only 4 cents

but the word FREE is not true and the $19.99 Bundle Rebate is also not true. Do you call this an error? I don’t really think so. Because it was not only once or short time. nI don’t know how many people bought TaxCut State 2001 program from Best Buy. But if they sold 1 mil copies

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