Best Buy Irvine California Review

B sold us a computer package on August 7, said they had plenty on hand, sent emails throught the last couple weeks updating the shipping date and then 11 days later cancels the order because they no longer have the product available. nI called the physical store prior to buying online and the salesperson assured me the best way to go was to buy online to be guaranteed the product which turned out to be not true. nNow since they have already shipped other parts associated with the package, printer, cable, memory stick (no laptop) they want me to package it all up and get it back to them asap. nIn talking to a supervisor last night, basically it was, too bad for you we ran out and we have that right to cancel at any time. They lost me as a customer forever. nLaurienIrvine, CaliforniaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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