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Best Buy Sold Device the knew wouldn’t work, refused return Plano Texas!!. I purchased a bluetooth device for my car online. I didn’t have the money to install it, so I had to wait. When I was able to install it, I went in to setup a time. The tech immediatly told me that the device did not work with my car. He then tried to sell me another of the same thing for about $150.00 more, plus the install. I decided to contact Isimple, who did not respond. I contacted a second time, and they informed me that it did not work for my car, even though the Best Buy website confirmed that the componet did in fact work for my car.I went back to another store to talk to a tech, who confirmed. I asked if it just needed something simple to make it work, to which said; “No”. So, he told me to bring it to the store and they would take it back. He then sold me a car stereo and kit for almost 300.00, with install. I went ahead, thinking I could return the component (Stupid me).When I brought it in, they opened the package to check the parts, but then told me that it could not be returned. They told me to call the number listed online and that there would be no problem, considering the circumstance. When I tried to call and order a return package, the agent on the phone refused.At first, he said it was past time to return. When I made my case, he asked if the package had been opened. When I told him it had, he said it couldn’t be returned because of that. When I explained that they opened it in the store, he shuffled again to telling me that this online purchase had been done in a store, according to his records, and could only be returned in a store; which, I had told him they wouldn’t do.So, now I have a hundred dollar piece of crap that wont work, even if I needed it. Also, the tech knew right away that it wouldn’t work, which indicates past experiance. Even with passed situations, Best Buy kept selling a device they knew wouldn’t work for the car they said it would work for.

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