Best Buy Scottsdale AZ Review


Having bought several large electronic items at Best Buy without any trouble with the items, I felt confident in taking the sales person’s recommendation for a Sony 200 disc CD player, including the extra waranty to keep it working correctly. nIt took over a full day to load the player , which shortly began to jam and “eat”” my CD’s. nTook it back for adjustment . It immediately jammed. Took it back . Full day reload. Jammed Took it back .Full day reload.Etc.etc.First

they denied that I bought the extra waranty. nThen they “”redefined”” the lemon policy to exclude my case. The local manager was never available to discuss with me. Had to complain to their home office to get any attention. After the 4th or so fix

it’s working . I’m not asking for anything except to alert other trusting consumers. Best Buy? Not!! Guess where I will shop in the future?”

Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

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