Best Buy spfld ma Review


Hi Everybody, nOn sunday June 2,2002 my girlfriend bought a CD burner ar Best Buy… It was an LG-8320B, or so the box showed. When I got home and went to install the burner I found that it wasn’t even the burner we wanted in the box. It was an optorite CW3201, a burner Best buy doesn’t even carry, a burner worth half the one we bought, and worst of all it wouldn’t work anyway, it was defective, I felt ripped off twice. nThe next day we went back to best buy and it got worse… They now claim that they can’t take the CD-burner back because they don’t sell that optorite brand and that it was a used burner I was trying to scam them with. As calm as I tried to be I was close to blowing. We bought that drive the day before in that store and now I’m being told I’m trying to rip them off. nThe customer service person tells me I have to contact LG(Lucky Goldstar) who manufactures the real LG-8320b drive we wanted and they would be responsible to replace it, he said they sometimes “substitute”” a different drive

I said”” a major company puts a cheap generic drive with worse performance and numbers and someone elses company name on the drive

a drive that doesn’t match the ID on the box. nThey’ll tell me what I already know

it wasn’t them

by the way later on I confirmed this by calling LG and they told me no way

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