Best Buy & Staples Elkhart Indiana Review


I currently have two unpaid rebates from last year. Staples,11-13-04 @$15.00 and Best Buys 12-2-04 @$10.00.nExplanations: (for rebates not received) nStaples-The rebate was for a Sony product of which they had no stock. A SanDisc product was substituted.”Denied because of incorrect UPC code””. Well. duuh! nBest Buys-$10.00 rebate on a Kensington mouse. On rebate form:””If you have any questions or wish to check on the statis of your rebate

please call Best Buy Rebate Center at 1-888-bestbuy””. Call made. Ms. XXXXX in a very terse manner told me it was a “”manufacturers rebate”” over which they had no control. “”Call Kensington

1-800-268-0257″”. Next conversation with Mr. XXXX at Kensington. Quote: “”We’re ‘way behind on rebates and have no idea when yours

which is on record

will be processed””. I asked “”ANY idea at all?”” Mr.XXXX “”I don’t have a clue. I wouldn’t even want to guess””. nOn this board or elsewhere I read the statistics on successfully completed rebates

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